Friday, May 13, 2016



Here it is, May 2016 already, and my Kyoto Cultural Heritage Mailbox is still hanging precariously at  the entrance of my old apartment over the rice shop in Asukaicho. I built the little red box in 1977, when I was a student at Kyoto University, which makes it 39 year's old (and me, way older than I care to admit). Ever since, I've been visiting the box to check on its condition whenever I've found my way back to Kyoto. 

I reget to repot that the venerable mailbox is on its lst legs.

The mailbox is threatened by the immanent demise of the old traditional rice shop, which has been encroached upon by brand-new building over time. The two small apartments over the rice shop are vacant now and the white paper plastered on the top of the mailbox says posting mail here is "forbidden."
It was already looking ppretty shabby ing 2012, but firmly attached to the wall that separated the rice shop from the building being erected next door.

Here is how it looked in 2010, battered but boldly intact.

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