Friday, May 13, 2016



The area where I am staying is called Shimogamo, at the  confluence of the Kamo and Takano rivers. It is famous for the lushl canopy of trees surrounding Shimogamo Shrine, where the purity of the Kamo's water is worshipped, Shinto style. I am  lodged in a 100-year-old machiya, a traditional city house, crafted in the traditional style.

This machya is similar in design and craftsmanship to Rob Singer's machiya, where I satyed in 2010. (see earlier post). But his is truer to the original form and maintains greater authenticity. This machiya has been renovated with a plastic bathing area and a modern kitchen. Other sections of the house are in disrepair, giving it a funky feel.
The front, facing the courtyard

The house is one of three machiya in a courtyard behind a large main house -- 300 years old.

The main room and garden

The front room where I did my writing


Traditional tatami mat room upstairs

Modern second-floor bedroom

Contemporary Plumbing
A plastic o-furo

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